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Spring comes to flower villages

Flower villages around Hanoi such as Tay Tuu, Me Linh, Quang Ba are available for a new colorful spring.
Tay Tuu flower village

Yellow daisy in Tay Tuu village

Yellow daisy in Tay Tuu village

Tay Tuu flower village is in Tu Liem district, 20 km from Hanoi’s center. This village is considered as the oldest flower village in the suburban area and annual supply over 250 millions flowers at home and aboard.

Tay Tuu village is famous with bright yellow daisy fields, intermix white daisy, roses, gerbera. On the days before Tet, fields of violet flower, gladiolus and dahlia show their beauty in cold weather.

Me Linh flower village

Rosebuds are covered in order to prevent from frost.

Rosebuds are covered in order to prevent from frost.

This flower village is 30km from Noi Bai airport. People can come to there by motorbike or No7.  Floriculture has been formed for 10 years. This land is suitable for growing roses. At the frost nights, Me Linh flower garden is very beautiful with the light of hundreds of lamps across the field. They create a special scene. The lamps are used for keeping rosebuds warm. The flowers will be brought to markets on the occasion of Lunar New Year.

Phu Thuong _ peach blossom village.

Peach blossom of spring in Hanoi.

Peach blossom of spring in Hanoi.

Phu Thuong where be famous for planting peach blossom, is ready for coming spring. Peach blossoms are budding. The price for renting peach blossom tree is up to 40 million VND.

Kim Chung flower village

Dahlia has just been cut.
Dahlia has just been cut.

Located in the north of the Red River, Kim Chung village specializes in planting peony flower, kumquat, peach blossom and ornamental plants for Tet. From Hanoi city center, crossing

Chuong Duong bridge, Duong bridge and following the National Highway No. 3, you can reach to Kim Chung commune (Dong Anh district).

In recent years, Kim Chung flower village has brought many beautiful flowers to markets. The village becomes a new ideal destination for having fun and taking photos of young people.

Tu Lien, Nghi Tam, Quang Ba flower village.

Quang Ba flower village.

The garden of kumquat trees is ready to welcome Lunar New Year

Along with 2 popular trees (peach blossom and Kumquat), the village also plant many garden of daisy, pansy, gomphrena globosa … for photographic service business.

Many people have come here to chose kumquat trees for their family or company. Chosen kumquat trees will be marked and sent prior to January 23rd (basing on lunar calendar).

Kumquat village in Van Giang, Hung Yen

Kumquat village in Van Giang, Hung Yen
Van Giang kumquat village in Hung Yen district is busy with many arrivals.

The scent of Kumquat flower floats in the air along the border of Red river to Hung Yen. Van Giang Kumquat tree is a popular brand name because of good quality and reasonable price.

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