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Nha Trang Scuba Diving Tour 2014

In just one day, visitors will discover Nha Trang sea floor with a lot of interesting scenery like a paradise sparkling colors. Snorkeling Tours is a product gaining popularity in central coast is famous.

Needless to swim
Many people worry they may not know how to swim to participate diving tours in Nha Trang is not , is there not the danger that dives deep into the seabed so? Please sir , all the anxiety , worry this is not a problem when you register for scuba diving tour company because so many tourists in Nha Trang held within 1 day .
Le Thi Thuy - staff travel company said: " You will be diving coach with the rich experience of the company can be fully assured . Also a companion , you will be supported by modern equipment and ensure a safe journey with so many interesting surprises await . "
Tourists diving trip Hon Mun ( Nha Trang )
According to the schedule , tourists will attend a training course knowledge and skills with weapons diving team dedicated by diving introduction and operation instructions for technical divers who breathe through the mouth ... instructions on selecting a fitting wetsuit , goggles and a dedicated , wearing snorkeling equipment , training to become familiar with weapons on the sea in about 5 minutes . To manually record unequaled beauty beneath the sea , you should rent or borrow a camera to capture special underwater housing satisfaction liking photography in a special environment such .
In addition, all coaches are allowed to work here must have an international qualification can be completely reassured with the knowledge , skills and qualifications troubleshooting underwater .
Aquarium interesting
To get acquainted with the water pressure gradually , you will be trained instructors dropping depth , initial 1m , 3m and then , 5m ... In the blue sea water , fish , corals and marine algae seabed out to show off the brilliant colors of a colorful flower garden .
Hon Mun is still the most famous place in Nha Trang because here visitors can dive to admire the beauty of over 300 species of coral and thousands of species of fish live. Each journey takes place 30 minutes but may not satisfy you can see the ocean floor .
Thuy Tien - a young tourist from Binh Thanh District , Ho Chi Minh City said : " There are nearly a dozen fish size up, there are colorful fish swim very friendly . Sometimes I even get his hands on a sea turtle . This feeling is really hard to describe , impossible to forget , sometimes imagine you are a mermaid living under the aquarium . "
Out of a 30 minute cycle setting , visitors are guided back to the ship to rest and enjoy light refreshment with fruit , coffee , tea , mineral water . After diving , guests will be certified diving in Nha Trang Bay .
If after the first dive , guests diving needs time 2 will be transferred to other dive sites in marine protected areas , where there are coral reefs and many species of fish sparkle brightly enough , again you guests are immersed creatures living along the sea bottom in green .