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Trends in world tourism in 2014

Besides destinations and travel forms remain attractive for many years , several trends are suddenly prominent . And travel experts say Canada , in 2014, visitors will select the itinerary according to these trends .
Vung Tau Tourist

Combining sport tourism and culinary journey

Over the years , visitors have blood sport not emphasize eating . They are ready to eat on the streets , because the main purpose of the tour itinerary was opened before the eyes of the new land . 2014 was another trend .

Although still want to walk or climb a mountain bike on a certain reserve , but this audience want to enjoy a higher service . After the tour itinerary , they want to relax in the hotel with full amenities , where restaurants serving hot meals and enjoy the perfect glass of wine locally .
And in this trend , the European destinations will be within sight of the tourist season in 2014 .

Maintaining connections

Generation Y ( young ) is becoming an important customers of the tourism industry . An increasing number of destinations and travel companies to quickly adapt to the needs of visitors age 20 or 30 when put to many exciting applications related to new technology .

2014 will also witness the competition of tourism companies in the implementation of applications on the phone for some guidance for customers while airlines nearly put the entire application new technologies into their operations .

So visitors will easily reach the new tourist itineraries in the shortest time .

Integrate into local life

According Resonance Consultancy , a consulting firm specializing in survey trends based destinations in Vancouver ( Canada ) , creative tourism will flourish in the travel world .

Other than cultural tourism , in recent years , creative tourism so visitors always have a major role in the game rather than just knowing the audience admired the talent of others . By entering a specific travel itinerary , tourists also yearn to explore the customs, art form or a different cuisine .

And to be imbued with the identity of a foreign land , nothing is better than doing it themselves .

Many visitors confirmed this type of tourism is a best way to discover a city , a region or a country through real experience with indigenous cultures , rather than stopping at the watch . So tourists can understand the creation involving tourism , allowing visitors to really connect with the air date " real life " of the communities they visit .

This causes the host to maintain , preserve and promote their cultural heritage . It is also an integral part of sustainable tourism .

Currently developing creative tourism is strong in Europe . In it , Paris ( France ) and Barcelona ( Spain ) are receiving the attention of the tourist population . In Paris , tourists easily attend the school , the fruit cake processing plant , the local cuisine and language , learning and making a film on river diversions Sein , education and fashion design or learn how to garden ...

In Spain , creative tourism in Barcelona towards visitors to the new experience in dance courses , yoga , dancing or sculpting brushes . Not extremely rare visitors impressed by the works of their hands formed after the cruise tourism .

Tourism flourished family

According to tourism experts , many tourism businesses began to strategic direction for the group serves families with multiple generations together . Accordingly , in addition to the destinations have recreational activities attract an audience from age 6-66 are the rooms large enough for several people or the adjoining room .
According to this trend , the yacht is considered one of the top choices when collection of entertainment to please visitors from elderly to young children . And in the future , families will travel more widely spread .

Tourism sublimation with many events

Besides these events attract tourists as Finalists world football in Brazil , Winter Olympics in Sochi ( Russia ) , Britain marks anniversary celebration in 2014 by 450 Shakespeare birth through age row series of events taking place across the country throughout the year . The heart of the festival will be the Stratford - upon - Avon , hometown of the great writer .

Besides, France cycle race in 2014 will start from Yorkshire , then through the romantic countryside of England , and Cambridge and London before ending in France . As expected , the British tourism industry will be active from the two events .

South Africa , particularly the city of Cap - destination on the world tourism map in 2014

Named World Design Capital in 2014 , the first African city to receive this honor , Cap is more likely overwhelmed tourists this year .

The death of Nelson Mandela , the father of the nation of South Africa led the world towards this country . According to the tourism companies in many countries , they are busy with the country's journey to discover the history of South Africa and the guest list reservations are longer and longer .

In addition, the expected destination tourist boom in 2014 may be mentioned as Scotland through the games first 20 volumes of the United Kingdom took place in the summer and festival series on the heritage , culture , the country's cuisine . Or Sweden , Umea city where designated as European Capital of Culture in 2014 , the South Pole with stunning views .
Water Japanese cuisine is world famous travel trends of 2014 significantly .